Disruptive antennas based on emerging technologies for novel satellite telecommunication scheme

In the framework of the European School of Antennas (ESoA), we are pleased to announce the first edition of the course “Disruptive antennas based on emerging technologies for novel satellite telecommunication scheme’’ scheduled from the 25th to 29th of November, 2019 in Rennes, France. Antenna technologies are core to space systems & services and central in defining the investment return for a wide range of satellite missions. As the frightening rates of concurrent advances in space-related services, business models and technologies are driving the space ecosystem to a new age, the need to re-invent antenna technologies for space is becoming increasingly urgent. While the sector is proactively looking for the next game changer, a whole new class of emerging and forecasted missions place urgent demands for drastic reduction in cost with a concurrent radical improvement in throughput, agility, volume/mass and power consumption. The European proantenna technologies for emerging satellite missions..For more information please see: https://padlet.com/mylink/REVOLVE_RENNES